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Health Care Fraud, Errors, and Abuse (General)
Contributor: Julie Mickles Agan, Louisiana
Date: 8/19/2013
Don't Be A Target of Healthcare Fraud rewritten to a 3rd grade reading level
Contributor: Barbara McGinity, Texas
Date: 8/5/2013
Stop and Think before Talking to Telemarketers
Contributor: Madhavi Bhadbhade (content adapted from ACL's SMP brochure), Nebraska
Date: 7/16/2013
The SMP brochure in large print is distributed to seniors and individuals with disability who have visual limitations.
Contributor: Debra McFarland, Maine
Date: 7/10/2013
Presentation on a variety of consumer protection issues, including who to contact.
Contributor: Nancy Stone, Indiana
Date: 6/24/2013
Advertisement in the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ)
Contributor: Renee Labrie-Shanks, Montana
Date: 5/9/2013
A flyer that describes how and why to track your medical bills, as well as how to set up a username and password to access claims on
Contributor: Anne Fredrickson, Ohio
Date: 4/19/2013
Audio broadcast from the 2013 Fraud Forum
Contributor: Julie Schoen, California
Date: 4/18/2013
Medicare has very specific appeal rights that can make all the difference in your health care. Understanding the right to appeal a premature hospital discharge, could save a life.
Contributor: Julie Schoen, California
Date: 4/18/2013
Short PowerPoint to educate the public concerning how to read the new MSN.
Contributor: Renee Labrie-Shanks, Montana
Date: 4/10/2013
Understand your Medicare statements by using tools to track and organize your healthcare bills. Includes handouts that are described in the notes section of the ppt, including a basic glossary of the most important terms people should know, some of the main acronyms and current Medicare costs, samples of the new design MSNs, a fact sheet on how to register for, and the class evaluation. Also handed out is information on Medical identity theft that can be found on the FTC website and the What is an MSN fact sheet put out by the Center.
Contributor: Stephanie Minor, Minnesota
Date: 1/4/2013
Kiosk card on Medicare fraud and errors
Contributor: Stephanie Minor, Minnesota
Date: 1/4/2013
PSAs on Medicare fraud and the Senior LinkAge Line
Contributor: Pat MacKinnon, Michigan
Date: 12/19/2012
Part D marketing fraud awareness brochure
Contributor: Micki Nozacki, California
Date: 11/27/2012
Brief press release concerning recent fraud scams
Contributor: Sue Kraus, Missouri
Date: 10/1/2012
Radio Spot-Medicare in Jeopardy
Contributor: Deb McFarland, Maine
Date: 9/28/2012
Fraud complaint flow chart of Maine SMP
Contributor: Sue Kraus, Missouri
Date: 9/27/2012
Ways to protect your Medicare benefits
Contributor: Madhavi Bhadbhade, Nebraska
Date: 9/11/2012
30-second Nebraska SMP ad being aired statewide
Contributor: Anne Fredrickson, Jane Winkler, Ohio
Date: 9/6/2012
American Association of Service Coordinators webinars on Medicare fraud, ID theft, and financial exploitation
Contributor: Sue Kraus, Missouri
Date: 7/16/2012
Stop Health Care Fraud poster