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SMP Outreach to Hispanic Beneficiaries

The National Hispanic SMP offers a broad set of resources for state SMPs, including a set of web-based toolkits to help amplify and expand the work of SMPs and CBOs around the country working to protect, detect, and report Medicare fraud within segments of the Latino community at

Each tool was developed based on the needs assessments conducted in different areas of the country. As more linguistically and culturally appropriate and age-sensitive tools are developed, they will be added to the website. The current offering includes resources such as:

NHSMP Toolbox   New!

This comprehensive set of tools for mainstream organizations shows how to effectively work with Hispanic communities when delivering Medicare fraud prevention information.

Print Materials

SMPs can download customizable flyers, posters, and brochures, among others. Design programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop are needed to customize content.

Radio & TV PSAs

SMPs can download ready-to-air radio and TV public service announcements in Spanish to use in presentations or diverse events, link to new media, or use as models for preparation of PSAs  to air on local public channels).

Social Media

SMPs can download images, see sample tweets, or share videos via social media outlets to help detect, prevent, and report Medicare fraud within the Hispanic community.

Media Kits

Users can download sample letters to the editor, advisories, and press releases. They also have access to sample invitations, talking points, and the National Hispanic SMP logo.

Capacity-Building & Technical Assistance

NHSMP offers SMP trainings on cultural competence and strategies to reach Hispanic older adults, their families, and caregivers, as well as one-on-one consultations and educational materials. SMPs looking for assistance should contact the staff of the National Hispanic SMP at


NHSMP is conducting needs assessments in different regions of the country to expand the understanding of Hispanic subgroups in relation to Medicare fraud, which will help inform SMPs on the challenges and needs Hispanic older adults, their families, and caregivers face related to the Medicare system.

Note: The NHSMP web portal requires users to register.  If you have questions or difficulties with the registration process, please e-mail or call 1-866-488-7379.


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