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Resources for SMPs

OIG Report Training

SMPs report data annually to the  Office of Inspector General (OIG). The SMP Resource Center provides training and resources to help SMPs enter, review, and edit their OIG Report data.

The authenticity of the report depends upon a thorough understanding of the performance measures, accurate data entry in SMART FACTS, and a review of the outcomes prior to retrieval by the Office of Inspector General (OIG) at the end of February each year. OIG Report Data Accuracy Tools are available in the SMP Resource Library to help SMPs troubleshoot their OIG Report data to ensure accuracy. Tip: Search for the keywords “OIG Report.”

OIG Report Webinars

These webinars address important information related to SMP data for the current year’s OIG Report.

  • Information about upcoming webinars is provided in the SMP web event calendar, which is available in the SMP Resource Library or by email to AoA's SMP listserv. 
  • Recordings and related resources from previous webinars are available in the SMP Resource Library. Tip: Search using keyword “OIG Report” to find webinars and other resources related to the OIG Report, i.e. the OIG Report Data Accuracy Tools.
    • Need help viewing SMP Resource Center recordings? Click here.