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The SMART FACTS Manual is intended for anyone who conducts SMART FACTS data entry. It is also intended for anyone who manages the SMART FACTS system for their SMP. Printed copies may be available upon request from the SMP Resource Center. Call 1-877-808-2468 to inquire. Below is the entire manual, either in one complete file or by individual components. Blank pages have been inserted to make the manual printer-friendly for two-sided printing.

January 2013

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   Entire SMART FACTS Manual
 Chapters 1-10
 Chapter 1  Welcome to SMART FACTS
 Chapter 2  Getting Started
 Chapter 3  Outreach and Education
 Chapter 4  Volunteer Tracking and Management
 Chapter 5  Managing Complex Issues
 Chapter 6  Referrals (Part of Complex Issues) (Updated May 2013)
 Chapter 7  Reviewing and Editing “My” (Your) Work
 Chapter 8  Reports 
 Chapter 9  SMART FACTS Administration 
 Chapter 10  Optional Functions
 Appendices Table of Contents
 Appendix A  Types of SMP Questions Flow Chart (SMP Counselor Training Manual, available in the SMP Resource Library)
 Appendix B  Sample OIG Report
 Appendix C  OIG Report: Definitions and Guidance (Updated January 2014)
 Appendix D  Scheduling the Follow-Up Alert
 Appendix E  Take New Assessment
 Appendix F  SMP Referrals to the OIG Hotline (SMP Complex Issues & Referrals Training Manual, available in the SMP Resource Library) (Updated May 2013)
 Appendix G  OIG Report Data Accuracy Checklist (Updated January 2014)
 Appendix H  OIG Report Data Analysis Worksheet
 Appendix I   Site Administration Job Aid