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Volunteer Risk and Program Management (VRPM) Policy Implementation

Many resources and tools have been developed to help SMPs implement AoA's VRPM policies, which come due in three stages from June 2013 through December 2014.





Summary List of Policies At-a-glance list of the policies according to their topic and due date
Enactment Guide

Helps SMPs begin the process of implementing the new VRPM policies by providing an overview to the entire process, with an emphasis on working with agency leadership and partner organizations

Policy Implementation Guide

Provides an overview, rationale, implementation tips, resources, and tools for each policy

Risk Assessment Policy   Companion Guide

Provides practical assistance for implementing the policy requiring an annual local risk assessment (Policy 2.2)

Screening Policy Companion Guide

Covers a systematic approach for screening volunteers for suitability

Volunteer Performance Management Policy Companion Guide

Indicates how to develop a system for evaluating and managing volunteer performance and behavior

SMP Volunteer Program Management Manual

New! July 2013: A guide to implementing some of the practices covered within the policies: how to recruit, retain, and recognize volunteers and how to both prevent and address volunteer management problems.

Summary List of
VRPM Tools

Sample forms, checklists, and templates

VRPM Project Information

For more information on the policies and the project background, click here

Coordinator of Volunteers

Coordinators of Volunteers may find the Cov 101 page useful.