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Resources for SMPs

Volunteer Orientation and Training

SMP volunteer orientation and training are designed for SMP volunteers and may also be useful for SMP staff. Unless an exception is noted, all of these materials are housed in the searchable  SMP Resource Library. Printed copies of all manuals and kits are also available from the SMP Resource Center, while supplies last.




Overview Train-the-trainer

To provide SMP directors, coordinators of volunteers, and other trainers an overview of nationally available orientation and training materials and step-by-step implementation guidance.

Note: Printed copies will be available summer 2014.

  • SMP Volunteer Orientation and Training Implementation Guide
SMP Orientation General Knowledge

To provide an overview of the purpose and values of the SMP, the nature and operation of the program or activity for which they are recruited, and the purpose, duties and requirements of the role that they are accepting.

  • SMP Orientation: Sample Template
  • SMP Sample Volunteer Handbook  
  • SMP Volunteer Program Management Manual
SMP Foundations Training  General Knowledge 

To provide a foundation of knowledge in three main content areas: the SMP program, Medicare basics, and Medicare fraud and abuse.

Note: SMP Foundations Training materials (manual, online training, and kit) are currently being updated. New versions will be available in 2014.

SMP Group Education Training  Role-specific  To provide the necessary skills and resources to present the SMP message consistently to groups of Medicare beneficiaries, caregivers, and other applicable groups across the country.
  • SMP Group Education Training Kit
  • SMP Group Education Training Manual
SMP Counselor Training  Role-specific

To provide the necessary skills and resources to handle one-on-one counseling sessions and simple inquiries consistently across the country.

  • SMP Counselor Training Kit
  • SMP Counselor Training Manual
SMP Complex Issues and Referrals Training  Role-specific To provide the necessary skills for handling complex issues and, when necessary, conducting referrals to the appropriate entity.
  • SMP Complex Issues and Referrals Training Manual
  • Complex Issues and Referrals Assessment
  • Complex Issues and Referrals Webinars
  • SMART FACTS Training

Tip: Search using keyword “complex issues” to find webinars and other resources related to complex issues.


For questions about training offered at the state level, SMP volunteers and staff should contact their SMP project director or coordinator of volunteers. SMPs with questions or requests related to The Center’s volunteer orientation and training resources should contact Heather Flory, Training Manager, SMP Resource Center, 319-874-6844, To request printed copies of manuals or kits, contact Carol Dahms, 877-808-2468,