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ImageThe February 2014 edition of The Sentinel includes:

  • AoA Update. A national SMP training meeting is being planned, the deadline for OIG report data is Feb. 28, and VRPM implementation is 2/3 complete.
  • How Much Does Medicare Lose Due to Fraud and Improper Payments Each Year? Previous national estimates on Medicare loss due to fraud and improper payments are updated with the most recent data.
  • National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association: Fighting Health Care Fraud. Learn more about the National Health Care Anti-Fraud Association mission and resources.
  • Integration Grant Update: Outreach to Indian Elders. The International Association for Indigenous Aging reveals results of a survey showing SMP experiences, knowledge, and needs regarding outreach to American Indians and Alaska Natives.
  • CMS Changes Homebound Definition. A new CMS policy changes the definition for a patient to be considered “homebound.”
  • How Are We Doing? SMPs Evaluate Center. Review SMPs’ 2013 evaluation of The Center’s services and products.
  • Resource Library Corner.The searchable SMP Resource Library makes hundreds of resources easy to access for SMP staff with accounts.
  • SMP of New Jersey and Our Foray into Social Media. The New Jersey SMP uses social media for targeted outreach with messages used on multiple formats.

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