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ImageThe May 2014 edition of The Sentinel includes:

  • AoA Update. The 2014 SMP National Training Meeting is coming up, with the agenda and registration available online. SHIP directors are invited.
  • Questions Abound as Medicare Ambulance Use Increases. An SMP case raises questions about Medicare coverage of ambulance use.
  • SMP Coordinator Tells Congress of Program’s Importance. A Michigan SMP coordinator testifies about several cases. 
  • Coming Soon! An Upgraded Website. The new website goes live in June. 
  • Feds Report $4.3 Billion in Fraud Recoveries. HHS and Justice report that every dollar spent on health care-related fraud and abuse investigations recovers $8.10.
  • Recent SMP Resource Library Entries Help SMPs Reach Across Cultures. Several entries are described in detail.
  • Becoming a Certified Volunteer Administrator. Hear from the Louisiana SMP's experiences.

To read the issue, click here.

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  • Medicare
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  • Outreach to underserved communities
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  • Errors, fraud, and abuse issues
  • Outreach to health care providers
  • Much more


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