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SMPs in the News Inclusion Criteria

Description: SMPs in the News is a weekly publication of the SMP Resource Center, distributed through the U.S. Administration on Aging (AoA) SMP Listserv (follow the SMP Listserv hyperlink and scroll to the bottom of the page). SMPs in the News is published every Friday, as long as there is news.


  • SMP must be mentioned in the article.
  • The article must cover SMP efforts that are within the scope of the SMP mission.
  • The article must be of interest to a national SMP audience. For example, it:
    • features SMP outreach models
    • discusses suspected fraud, error, and abuse
    • shows SMP at the table in the national effort to combat fraud, error, and abuse
    • addresses SMP volunteer efforts – recruitment, recognition, volunteers in action, etc.
  • The facts in the article regarding the SMP program must be accurate.
  • An article whose sole purpose is to announce an event will not be included unless the story includes additional reporting.
  • Not every article of a certain topic will be published. For example, when the SMP sends out a press release that is picked up without substantial changes by multiple news outlets, only one of those stories will be included.
  • Entries in SMPs in the News must follow the SMP listserv guidelines.

Submission Instructions:

  • SMPs wishing to submit articles for consideration should send links to Maureen Patterson at: Maureen is also available to answer questions at 319-351-9753.


  • The SMP Resource Center may include articles found independently, as long as they meet the criteria. SMPs wishing to distribute news through a scanned attachment must secure permission from the source before sending it to the SMP Resource Center. Please be prepared to share a copy of the written permission with the SMP Resource Center.
  • Editions are not archived due to the timely nature of the publication and because news outlets sometimes change links and remove content from their websites.