The National Consumer Protection Technical Resource Center: The Center of Service & Information for SMPs

Resources for SMPs

Coordinator of Volunteers (CoV) 101 

Though every SMP program is unique in its own way, there are certain fundamentals that all Coordinators of Volunteers (CoVs) need to follow as part of the national SMP network. 

Core Resources Needed by Every CoV

Additional Resources that May Interest CoVs

Resources such as the fact sheets and the SMP brochure, which have been developed for outreach to beneficiaries, are also useful for volunteer training purposes. 

  • Center Products: Fact sheets and other resources have been developed by the Center for SMP use.
  • Coordinator of Volunteers Roster: This roster can be used by CoVs as a networking tool and is used by the Center to send certain communications.
  • Resource Library: The library contains materials created by SMPs for SMPs for use at the local level. Why reinvent the wheel?
  • SMP Profile by State: This profile can be used to view information about the various SMP program models around the country.


  • For questions about training, contact Heather Flory at or 319-874-6844.
  • For questions about VRPM implementation, email the VRPM mailbox at, or call Sara Lauer at 319-874-6859.