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Resources for SMPs

NHSMP Toolbox

The National Hispanic SMP (NHSMP) toolbox is a comprehensive set of tools for mainstream organizations on how to effectively work with Hispanic communities when delivering Medicare fraud prevention information. For an introduction to the toolbox, click here.

Latinos in the U.S. and Latino Culture

The Latino Culture section provides an overview of the similarities and differences of the diverse Hispanic cultures represented in the United States. The Latinos in the U.S. section highlights information on Hispanic populations in six areas: California; the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area; Florida; Illinois; New York; and Texas.

Latino Beneficiaries

The Latino Beneficiaries section includes information on best practices for reaching Hispanic Medicare beneficiaries with educational messages on Medicare fraud prevention.

Latino Volunteers

The Latino Volunteers section includes information on best practices for reaching, engaging, and retaining Latino volunteers for NHSMP efforts.

Latino Media

The Latino Media section provides tips on how to effectively tap into the Spanish language media market with Medicare fraud prevention messages. It also includes customizable Spanish language media materials for organizations to use.

Storytelling Campaign

The Storytelling Campaign includes all materials necessary for organizations to implement this unique tool into Medicare fraud awareness efforts by incorporating the cultural aspect of storytelling in the Latino community. The campaign strives to put a face to the issue of Medicare fraud by encouraging beneficiaries, their families, and caregivers to share their personal stories of Medicare fraud.