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About What’s New at

Purpose of What’s New at

This is a monthly summary that links to and briefly explains substantive website updates made the month before. It reminds SMPs of new resources that are available and features additions to the Resource Library. What’s New at is the only document outlining SMP contributions to the Resource Library on The Center’s website. It is not, however, the device used to roll out new SMP Resource Center-created resources; those are introduced to SMPs separately, usually to the SMP listserv. What’s New at reinforces and reminds SMPs of Center products and services and occasionally AoA resources that are accessed through The Center’s website.

Inclusion Criteria: What IS included in What’s New

  • All Resource Library additions
  • New website pages
  • New documents
  • Substantial updates or changes in meaning to selected parts of existing documents
  • Webinars added to training archives (PowerPoints, recordings, other handouts)
  • Additions to the calendar, as long as the event has not passed by the time What’s New is published
  • Links that are to a new site or document and are substantial enough to warrant attention called to them
  • Reorganized webpages or navigation (ex: relocated information)
    • Depends upon how substantial the change is 

Exclusion Criteria: What is NOT included in What’s New

  • Updates to documents that only include formatting changes, not content changes (unless, in some rare cases, those formatting changes are significant enough that they would be noteworthy)
  • Style changes (such as adding a comma to existing copy)
  • A new Center or AoA document that has not already been rolled out to SMPs. For example:
    • VRPM documents are rolled out in a message to the listserv from Sara
    • New manuals are rolled out in a message to the listserv by Ginny or Heather, depending upon the type
    • New AoA web content or documents are rolled out by Rebecca Kinney
  • Links added to a document or page that are not substantial enough to warrant attention called to them
  • Standard updates, such as SMP contact lists
  • Removal of most content:
    • Pages that were removed
    • Outdated text
    • Archived training that has gone out of date
    • Note: Some removals may be explained on a case-by-case basis if deemed substantial enough to warrant mentioning.

Dissemination Procedures

This publication is disseminated via AoA’s SMP Listserv by the tenth business day of the month following the month detailed in the publication. Editions are not archived at due to the ever-changing nature of the content.