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Getting Started

Starting a volunteer program requires planning and persistence. It is important to assess your organization’s readiness to involve volunteers in its work, to understand the motives and needs of today’s volunteer work force, and to know something of what it takes to manage a volunteer program effectively. The resources below address different aspects of starting and developing a volunteer program.

  • This PowerPoint presentation by Linda Graff provides an introduction to understanding contemporary volunteers, volunteer work and volunteer program management
  • Wage Equivalent of Volunteer Time  
  • The Health Assistance Partnership (HAP) provides a wealth of information for managing and developing a volunteer program, including tips and tools for recruitment, orientation, program development and training. Click here to access HAP's guide to volunteer program development.
  • provides tips and resources to assess an organization’s readiness to host a volunteer program
  • Getting Started: Working with Volunteer Host Organizations to Implement Risk and Volunteer Management Policies (The Sentinel newsletter) 
  • Volunteer risk management and program management books by Linda Graff
  • Volunteer program management publications by Steve McCurley