Marketing Guidelines for Medicare Parts C and D

Marketing Guidelines for Medicare Parts C and D

Prohibited Contacts by Plans with Medicare Beneficiaries

Medicare plans cannot:

  • Conduct unsolicited phone calls to beneficiaries with whom they have no prior relationship
  • Send unsolicited emails to beneficiaries who have not agreed to receive emails
  • Mail or call a beneficiary who has requested to opt out of receiving such communications
  • Represent themselves as though they come from or were sent by Medicare, Social Security, or Medicaid
  • Make an unsolicited home visit – i.e. “door-to-door cold call” sales
  • Leave information such as leaflets, flyers, door hangers, etc. on someone’s car or at their residence (unless the beneficiary is a “no show” for a prescheduled appointment)
  • Initiate a discussion about other insurance products, such as life insurance annuities, during a visit or meeting about a Part C or Part D Medicare product
  • Return uninvited to a beneficiary’s residence after an earlier “no show”

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