Offers of Discount Plans and Cards

Offers of Discount Plans and Cards

It is not unusual for SMPs to get reports from beneficiaries that they were solicited to subscribe to a prescription drug discount card. Though widely available, these cards are a controversial subject. The question of their legality and benefit arises often. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) places prescription drug discount cards in the same category as medical discount plans. They are legal, as long as marketing them does not involve deception or theft. Are they beneficial, however? It depends. Below is a list of common pros and cons raised about prescription drug discount cards.



  • Can save a beneficiary money on prescriptions while they are in the Part D donut hole.
  • Some are offered by trusted organizations at no cost to the recipient.
  • Can delay getting out of the Part D donut hole.
  • Some companies use questionable marketing tactics, raising concerns about their ethics and legitmacy
  • Some are scams
  • The rules pertaining to the cards can be confusing
  • Some have fees
  • They may not offer a true benefit, for example, they may not be accepted at the beneficiary's pharmacy.



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