SMP 101

SMP 101

Though every SMP program is unique in its own way, certain characteristics are fundamental to every SMP project. These fundamentals are explained in the SMP cooperative agreement with the U.S. Administration on Community Living (ACL). SMP cooperative agreements are contained within the SMP Program Announcement. ACL funds the SMP program as well as the SMP Resource Center.

New to SMP? Start Here:

  • Working with ACL: For an understanding of basic SMP grant requirements under the Administration for Community Living (ACL) click here.
  • SIRS: The SMP Information and Reporting System (SIRS) is the web-based program used by the SMPs to track and report program activity. For more details, see the SMP Information and Reporting System (SIRS) page.
  • OIG Report: SMP performance measures are measured annually by the Office of Inspector General, based upon the data in the SMP data reporting system. To learn more see the OIG Report page.
  • Volunteer Risk and Program Management (VRPM): ACL’s VRPM policies for SMPs are aimed at decreasing and managing risks related to volunteer involvement in SMPs. They are also designed to enhance the quality, effectiveness, and safety of SMP services. For access to the policies and support resources, see the VRPM page.
  • National SMP Branding: A standard SMP logo is used by all SMPs to forge national visibility for the program. An SMP brochure and bookmark provided by ACL are available in the SMP Resource Library.

Support from the SMP Resource Center

  • SMP Resource Center Orientation: The SMP Resource Center offers orientation for new SMP project directors.
  • Training: The SMP Resource Center provides web events on topics of interest to SMP project directors and other SMP team members. Recurring SMP web events include the Getting Started with SMP Series for new directors and team members, the SIRS Training Series for SIRS system users, and more. Most training events hosted by the Center are recorded, and recordings are available in the SMP Resource Library. SMPs can register for upcoming events through the “Events” tab in the library.
  • SMP Monthly Networking Calls: 
    The SMP Monthly Networking Calls are intended for SMP networking and national updates. They provide an opportunity for all SMP directors and other key SMP staff to network with each other and discuss SMP-related ideas, strategies, health care scams/fraud, program management, and successes. The calls are held the third Tuesday of each month at 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. Access instructions for these events are provided to SMP project directors and other individuals on the SMP Monthly Networking Calls distribution list, as determined by SMP directors.
  • Center Services: To learn about all products and services provided to SMPs by the SMP Resource Center, see the Center Products and Services page.

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