Working with ACL

Working with ACL

The SMP program is administered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Community Living (ACL). The SMP grants are cooperative agreements between ACL and the project or grantee. Under cooperative agreements, grantees work in collaboration with ACL to successfully fulfill the grant requirements and are assigned an ACL Project Officer and ACL Grants Management Specialist, as indicated on the SMP Notice of Award. SMP cooperative agreements are contained within the SMP Program Announcement.

ACL reporting guidelines and ACL reporting requirements are available in the SMP Resource Library. Tip: Conduct a keyword search for "ACL reporting."

SMP Listserv

ACL hosts a listserv for the SMP network. ACL uses this listserv to make important announcements. The SMP Resource Center also disseminates new and updated products and publications using this listserv and uses it to announce SMP Resource Center training events. SMPs are also invited to communicate program-related information with each other using this service. For ACL’s policies regarding the SMP listserv, see the SMP Resource Library. Tip: Conduct an advanced search and select "ACL" as the Origin.

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