Center Publications

Center Publications


  • Available in the SMP Resource Library: SMP Complex Interactions Training Manual; SMP Counselor Training Manual; SMP Foundations Training Manual; SMP Group Education Training Manual; SMP Volunteer Program Management Manual

Medicare Messenger

  • Bimonthly
  • SMPs and SHIPs
  • Medicare fraud, SMP/SHIP successful practices, volunteer management, Medicare coverage

SMP News

  • Biweekly
  • News of interest to the SMP network
  • Scam alerts, justice articles, SMP outreach
  • Distributed via subscription
  • Guidelines
  • Subscribe

The Sentinel

  • Last edition May 2019
  • Medicare issues, best practices, SMP program management
  • Articles are also in the SMP Resource Library

Tip Sheets

  • Include a variety of topics
  • Do an advanced search in the SMP Resource Library with "Tip Sheet" as the topic

What's New at

  • Monthly
  • SMP Resource Center website and SMP Resource Library updates
  • Distributed via ACL's SMP listserv
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