Contact Center Staff

Nationwide Toll-free Number: 877-808-2468 Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time Email: We will return calls and emails in a timely fashion – no later than 2 business days.

Street Address

SMP National Resource Center Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging 2101 Kimball Ave., Suite 320 Waterloo, Iowa 50702

Mailing Address

SMP National Resource Center Northeast Iowa Area Agency on Aging P.O. Box 388 Waterloo, Iowa 50704-0388

Resource Center Staff

  • Abby Batterson: SMP Resource Center Communications Program Coordinator. Manages SMP contact lists; distributes SMP resources; tracks Center grant report information; assists with SMP Resource Library users and resources; handles the SMP Unique ID; answers Center toll-free number and emails sent to
  • Heather Flory: SMP Resource Center Training Manager. Coordinates and hosts Center-sponsored web events; coordinates development and updates of volunteer training manuals, kits, self-paced training, and other resources; implements training for the SMP data reporting system and other national initiatives; answers training questions.
  • Sara Lauer: SMP Resource Center Systems Program Coordinator. Provides one-on-one SMP data reporting system technical assistance; answers questions about SMP performance measures and complex interactions; responds to emails sent to and answers VRPM questions; assists in developing and updating training manuals, kits, self-paced training, and other resources.
  • Nicole Liebau: SMP Resource Center Director. Manages the Center’s coordinated efforts with the Administration for Community Living; promotes national SMP visibility and exhibits at national conferences; provides technical assistance in developing written materials, webinars, and other Center products; manages the new director mentor program; hosts the monthly SMP networking mentor calls.
  • Maureen Patterson: SMP Resource Center Media Manager. Manages the Center website, including the SMP Resource Library; edits Center publications; produces a quarterly newsletter (The Sentinel), a bimonthly newsletter (SMP News), and the monthly What’s Newat; connects national media with SMP contacts.
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