SMP News Guidelines

SMP News Guidelines

The biweekly SMP News publishes news of interest to the SMP network. New scams alert the public to be on guard. Justice articles detail criminal prosecutions. Stories that include SMPs show how effective their outreach is all over the country. SMP News includes tools, knowledge, and resources helpful for anyone who wants to learn about health care fraud, errors, and abuse. To subscribe, click here.


  • The article or event must be within the scope of the SMP mission.
  • The article or event must be of interest to a national SMP audience. For example, it:
  • Features SMP outreach models
  • Discusses suspected fraud, error, and abuse
  • Shows SMP at the table in the national effort to combat fraud, error, and abuse
  • Addresses SMP volunteer efforts – recruitment, recognition, volunteers in action, etc.
  • The facts in the article regarding the SMP program must be accurate.

The following types of articles will not be considered:

  • Articles that are not within the scope of the SMP mission 
  • Articles whose sole purpose is to announce a local SMP event (unless the story includes additional reporting)
  • Articles whose distribution will violate copyright
  • Articles that lobby for or against legislation
  • Articles that are substantially similar to others in the present or past editions (for example, when one event is covered by multiple news outlets or multiple outlets run the same press release)

Submission Instructions

SMPs wishing to submit articles for consideration should send links to Maureen Patterson at: Maureen is also available to answer questions at 319-351-9753.


  • The SMP Resource Center may include articles found independently as long as they meet the criteria. 
  • Editions are not archived due to the timely nature of the publication and because news outlets sometimes change links and remove content from their websites. 
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