Thursday Breakouts

Anatomy of an SMP Case Referral

Michael Cohen, OIG & Stacey Platte, ACL - See the SMP Resource Library.

Casework Implications of Transitions to Medicare

Catherine Rippey, Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman, CMS - Presentation

Grants Management and Amendments

ACL - See the SMP Resource Library.

Getting to the Source: Using Medicare's Manuals in SMP and SHIP Work

Mike Klug, SMP & SHIP Centers - Presentation

It's What They Say AND How They Say It: Counseling Communication Skills

Steve McCurley & Ginny Paulson, SHIP Technical Assistance Center - Presentation

Navigating the SHIP-NPR System

TFI/ACL - See the SMP Resource Library.

SIRS: SMP Data System Update

Booz Allen Hamilton/ACL - Presentation unavailable.

Update on SMP/SHIP Target Population Grants

Judy Stein and Kathleen Holt, Center for Medicare Advocacy; Ashley Muraoka-Mamaclay, National Asian Pacific Center on Aging; Sherrill Wayland, Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders; Maria Eugenia Hernandez-Lane, National Hispanic Council on Aging


Judy Stein and Kathleen Holt, CMA

Ashley Muraoka-Mamaclay, NAPCA

Sherrill Wayland, SAGE