Wednesday Breakouts

Coordination of Benefits and Medicare (TRICARE & FEHB)

Casey Schwarz, Medicare Rights Center - Presentation

DMEPOS Competitive Bidding and Fraud Trends Update

Tangita Daramola, CMS -  See the SMP Resource Library.

Fun with Fraud Prevention

Heather Flory, SMP Resource Center; Brenda Melara, Florida SMP; Sandy Morales, California SMP; Sue Pleggenkuhle, Iowa SMP; Heather Croft, Idaho SMP - See the SMP Resource Library.

Home Health Coverage and Tips

Michael Dorris, National Government Services, Inc. - Presentation

Key Issues for Dual Eligible Beneficiaries: Integrated Care and Protection from Medicare Cost-Sharing

Vanessa Duran, Deputy Group Director, MMCO, CMS - Presentation

Looking Ahead to 2017: Tips for Implementing VRPM Policies

Steve McCurley & Ginny Paulson, SHIP Technical Assistance Center - Presentation

Measuring Prevention in the SMP Program: Does All of Your Hard Work Matter?

Amy Lischko, Tufts University - See the SMP Resource Library.

Medicare Sticky Scenarios and Hot Topics

NCOA - Presentation

Provider Participation in Medicare: What it Means for Beneficiaries

Mike Klug, SMP & SHIP Centers - Presentation

Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE): What Beneficiaries and Counselors Need to Know

Peter Fitzgerald, National PACE Association & Kelly Carter, Community Care - Presentation

SMP Outreach - Best Practices

April Hazen, Kansas SMP/SHIP; Charles Clarkson, New Jersey SMP; Kathleen Pursell, Arkansas SMP


April Hazen, Kansas SMP/SHIP

Kathleen Pursell, Arkansas SMP

Charles Clarkson, New Jersey SMP

Songs, Skits, and Stockings; Presentations with Humor

Sandy Goodman, Wyoming SMP, Judith Bendersky, Alaska SMP/SHIP, Donna Delikat, Oregon SMP/SHIP - Presentation unavailable.

The Dude Reflects on MIPPA Reporting

ACL/NCOA/TFI - Presentation

Update from SHIP Innovation Grantees 

Judith Bendersky, Alaska SHIP/SMP; Van Braxton, North Carolina SHIP; Jo Murphy, Michigan SHIP/SMP


Judith Bendersky, Alaska SHIP/SMP

Van Braxton, North Carolina SHIP

Jo Murphy, Michigan SHIP/SMP