Wednesday Breakouts

Wednesday Breakouts

Administrative Requirements for ACL Discretionary Grant Awards

William Kim, Phil McKoy, and Katie Glendening, ACL - Presentation

Collaboration NOT Competition: SMP-SHIP Partnership

Abby Batterson and Molly Wells, SMP Resource Center; Angela Burk and Jeanne Mentel, SHIP TA Center; Jason Echols, IL SMP; Sandy Leith, IL SHIP; Lucilia Prates-Ramos, MA SMP; Cynthia Phillips, MA SHIP - Presentation

Engaging Volunteers to Build Your Team

Heather Flory, SMP Resource Center; Susan Bowen and Robin Yuchasz, MI SMP/SHIP - Presentation

Everything You Think You Know About Recruiting Volunteers is Wrong

Steve McCurley, SMP Resource Center & SHIP TA Center; Ginny Paulson and Dennis Smithe, SHIP TA Center - Presentation

How to Submit a Successful SMP Case Referral

JulieAnn Chavez, ACL - Presentation

Reaching Out Online: Lessons Learned from Targeted Social Media to Older Adults

Brandy Bauer, NCOA; Judy Keseman, MO SHIP; Keith Havins, and Brenda Melara, eQHealth Solutions - Presentation

Setting Performance Targets for SHIP Partners

Leslie Green ACL, Todd Dixon WA SMP/SHIP, Darren Hotton UT SMP/SHIP, Sharon Jalieba AL SMP/SHIP

SMP/SHIP Sharing: Partnerships and Collaborations

Alicia Jones, NE SMP/SHIP; Melissa Sisneros, NM SMP/SHIP; Krista Boston and Stephanie Minor, MN SMP/SHIP; Jamie Seiner, SD SMP/SHIP - Presentation

SMP/SHIP Sharing: Partnerships and Collaborations

Debra Rushing, eQHealth Solutions; Shannon Jones and Sidney Schuttrow, TN SHIP; Krista Boston and Stephanie Minor, MN SHIP - Presentation

SMP/SHIP Sharing: Tips and Tricks for Engaging Hard-to-Reach Beneficiaries

Brenda Munson, ND SMP; Anne Fredrickson and Jane Winkler, OH SMP; Sandy Leith, IL SHIP; Phoebe Hefko and Vicki Buchholz, WI SHIP - Presentation

Two Medicare Misconceptions: Improvement Standard and Improper Billing

Judith Stein and Kathleen Holt, Center for Medicare Advocacy; Amber Christ, Justice in Aging - Presentation