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SMP Complex Interactions Training provides the necessary skills and resources to manage SMP complex interactions (cases of suspected fraud, errors, or abuse) and, when necessary, conduct a referral to the appropriate entity. Extensive training is needed to become proficient in managing SMP complex interactions.

Recommended Prerequisites  

The following training is recommended prior to beginning complex interactions training.

 SMP Complex Interactions Training

Training on a variety of topics related to complex interactions is available in the SMP Resource Library. To access recorded training and related resources, library users can log into the library and click the links provided below, or search the library for keywords “complex interaction.” Registration for upcoming live events is available on the “Events” tab of the library.

  • SMP Complex Interactions Training Manual: This manual guides SMP team members in managing SMP complex interactions and referring them to the appropriate entity for further action.
  • SMP Complex Interactions Training Series: This four-part series provides training on how to manage complex interactions and conduct a referral to the appropriate entity for further action.
    • Chapter 1: Complex Interactions and the SMP Role
    • Chapter 2: Errors
    • Chapter 3: Referrals
    • Chapter 4: Case Studies
  • Anatomy of a Case Webinar: This webinar reviews the anatomy of an SMP complex interaction that results in a referral to the OIG Hotline via ACL.
  • SMP Unique ID Training: This webinar provides training in the background, purpose, and use of the SMP Unique ID with 1-800-Medicare.
  • Can They Do That? Webinar: This webinar reviews existing acceptable and unacceptable Part C and Part D Plan marketing and education practices and reviews examples of referrals.
  • SIRS Training Series: This five-part series provides training on how to enter and review data in SIRS (the SMP Information and Reporting System), including complex interactions data.
  • SIRS eFile Job Aid and SIRS Complex Interactions Job Aid: These job aids serve as reference guides to entering, reviewing, and updating complex interaction data in SIRS. 
 Access the SMP Complex Interactions Training Assessment Online
  • The SMP Complex Interactions Training assessment is designed to assess your knowledge about managing SMP complex interactions.
  • Please contact your SMP program staff to determine whether or not you will be required to take this assessment after you complete the training.
  • To take the SMP Complex Interactions Training Assessment online, click here.


  • Please do not start the assessment until you are ready to take the entire assessment all the way through to the end. If you close your browser or turn off your computer before you complete the assessment, you will need to start over from the beginning.
  • For information about your assessment results, please contact your SMP program staff.

For questions about complex interactions, complex interactions specialists may contact the SMP Resource Center. If you are not sure which training is right for you, please contact your SMP project director or coordinator of volunteers.