Volunteer Testimonials

I am going on three years as a volunteer for Senior Medicare Patrol and stumbled on it through an ad in the newspaper. I've had a wonderful career first in nursing as operating room supervisor and then after 13 years in the operating room joined a large medical company and worked as a liaison nurse between cardiovascular surgeons and the company. SMP has given me the opportunity to give something back to the community. It offers rewarding experiences in communicating information that many seniors and caregivers may not have the opportunity to be exposed to. Additionally, the audience is generally attentive and grateful for the information presented. Dee Webb, Volunteer, Louisiana SMP

When I retired I looked for a volunteer opportunity where I could help others as well as advocate for something that I believe in. I want Medicare to be here for me, my son, and my grandchildren. As an SMP volunteer, I spread the message about how we can help to reduce Medicare errors, fraud, and abuse, thereby assuring that this important health care program continues. In addition, through this program I have met many wonderful people, both attendees at my talks and other SMP volunteers and staff people.
Judy Gertler, Volunteer, Massachusetts

I enjoy the office atmosphere and working with my SMP coordinator in scheduling presentations. I feel productive when a presentation has been scheduled and seniors will learn about health care fraud and how to protect themselves from falling victim to this crime. Rosemary Ruane, Volunteer, Illinois

“The beauty…is [that] the volunteer receives so much. When I’m helping a senior with a problem and then see the relief on their face when we resolve the issue - that is all the payment one needs.” Ray Jones, Volunteer, California

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