Podiatrist Charged in Alleged Foot Bath Scheme

Podiatrist Charged in Alleged Foot Bath Scheme

September 29, 2021

A federal grand jury returned an indictment charging podiatrist Nathan Lucas with a scheme to defraud Medicare and TennCare by prescribing and dispensing medically unnecessary foot bath medications. He owned and operated a podiatry clinic, Advanced Foot & Ankle Care of Memphis LLC, as well as multiple in-house pharmacies.

The indictment alleges that Lucas regularly prescribed antibiotic and antifungal drugs to be mixed into a tub of warm water for patients to soak their feet. These drug cocktails included capsules, creams, and powders that were not indicated to be dissolved in water and some of which were not water soluble. The indictment alleges that Lucas chose these medications to prescribe and dispense based on their anticipated reimbursement amount, rather than medical necessity. Read a Department of Justice press release.



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