Protect Yourself and Your Loved
Ones from Medicare Fraud


How a Mother and Daughter Stole $20 Million from Medicare
June 21, 2017
They were caught with $2.5 million packed between diapers and baby wipes.

New Medicare Card Scam
May 31, 2017
Scam comes as Medicare prepares to change cards.

New Medicare Cards Are on the Way
May 18, 2017
With changes coming, scammers will look for ways to take what doesn’t belong to them.

New Medicare Cards Mean New Scams
April 25, 2017
Changes to come next year.

Fraud Alert
March 03, 2017
Callers pose as federal law enforcement.

How to Guard Against Medicare Fraud
January 31, 2017
Be a savvy senior by knowing these tips.

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