‘Contact Tracers’ Capitalize on COVID Confusion

Take extra care when you receive an unsolicited communication.

Man Agrees to Plead Guilty to $109 Million Scheme

He allegedly submitted false and fraudulent claims for durable medical equipment.

Hospice Agrees to Pay $3.2 Million

Resolves allegations it knowingly submitted false claims for beneficiaries who didn’t quality.

27 Skilled Nursing Facilities to Pay $16.7 Million

Preplanned revenue targets allegedly were set without regard to patients’ needs.

Government Warns of Inaccurate Face Mask Postings

Fraudulent documents claim individuals are exempt from mask requirements.

Telemarketing Owner Pleads Guilty

Call center employees were trained to upsell DME, genetic tests.

FBI Warns of Potential Antibody Test Fraud

Unapproved COVID antibody tests might provide false results.

Pandemic Targets Beneficiaries

Federal agent gives prevention tips, describes scams.

Doctor Pleads Guilty to Prescription Drug Diversion

He created phony medical records in victims’ names.

Scammers Pretend to be Contact Tracers

They’re trying to steal people’s identities, money, or both.

Man Pays the Price for Pizza, Goodies

He used parties at senior housing in a fraud scheme.

SMP Warns of COVID-19 Fraud

SMP has been receiving complaints of unsolicited callers using COVID-19 to prey on beneficiaries.

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