Watch Out for Open Enrollment Scams

Be prepared by knowing your rights and the limits on marketing.

Woman Targeted in ‘Gold Chip’ Card Scam

Medicare cards don’t have chips.

Two Arrested for Health Care Fraud

They allegedly sought people in boarding homes and senior living for hospice.

Podiatrist Charged in Alleged Foot Bath Scheme

The indictment alleges he chose medications for their anticipated reimbursement amount.

Criminal Charges Involve Over $1.4 Billion in Alleged Losses

Telemedicine, COVID-19, “sober homes,” and opioids top charges in 31 federal districts.

‘Becky from Medicare’ is Not Calling

Nationwide scam tricks people into giving out personal information.

Don’t Buy Fake COVID Cards or Test Results

Scammers see restrictions on access as opportunities to profit.

Psychotherapy Services Provider Agrees to Pay

Allegations included upcoding sessions at nursing homes and facilities.

Actions Taken in Operation ‘Happy Clickers’

Investigation reflects habits of approving orders with little to no review.

Employee Stops Gift Card Scam

No legitimate organization will ask for payment in gift cards.

Company Owner Charged for $784 Million Health Care Fraud

It’s one of the largest Medicare fraud schemes ever charged by the Justice Department.

Feds Intervene in Medicare Advantage Lawsuits

Companies allegedly pressured physicians to add diagnoses that patients did not have.

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