Doctor Pleads Guilty to Prescription Drug Diversion

He created phony medical records in victims’ names.

Scammers Pretend to be Contact Tracers

They’re trying to steal people’s identities, money, or both.

Man Pays the Price for Pizza, Goodies

He used parties at senior housing in a fraud scheme.

SMP Warns of COVID-19 Fraud

SMP has been receiving complaints of unsolicited callers using COVID-19 to prey on beneficiaries.

12 Tips to Avoid Fraud

A dozen federal officials offer advice to outsmart coronavirus scammers.

Six Tactics used by COVID-19 Scammers

They will stop at nothing to exploit the pandemic.

Defendants Sentenced in Ambulance Fraud Case

They have to pay almost $1 million in restitution.

Man Pleads Guilty in Fraud Scheme

He hired people to go door to door for DNA swabs.

Man Charged in Telemedicine Conspiracy

The financial total for the scheme is alleged to be more than $6 million.

Couple Indicted for Fraudulent Medical Care Scheme

One has been accused, separately, of false Alzheimer’s diagnoses.

Feds See Rising Number of COVID ‘Cures’

There are no FDA-approved cures, tests, or vaccines.

Medicare is Not Calling to Offer COVID-19 Kits

Scam artists are using the pandemic to try to steal Medicare numbers.

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