Federal Law Enforcement Alerts the Public

Genetic testing scam targets Medicare beneficiaries.

Feds Say Man Took over $670,000 in Multi-state Scam

He allegedly threw pizza parties at nursing homes and homeless shelters to show products.

Podiatrist Convicted of Defrauding Medicare

She claimed to have provided routine nail care in nursing homes.

Man Sentenced in Genetic Testing Case

SMP became involved with the case a few years ago.

Study Shows Who Fraudsters Target

Patients likely to be minority, disabled, and dually enrolled.

Hospital Authority Pays More Than $430,000

It resolves allegations tied to genetic testing panels.

Authorities Warn about Alleged DNA-testing Scam

People are tricked into giving away personal info, participating in unneeded services.

What DME Fraud Looks Like

TV crew is present when scammer calls.

Fraud Alert: Nationwide Brace Scam

Fraud scheme involves orthotic braces and other medical equipment.

24 Charged, 130 DME Companies Affected, $1.2 Billion Lost

Scheme involved kickbacks, bribes by DME companies.

Food Bank Partnerships Amplify Outreach

SHIP Watch article shows successful partnerships.

Protect Yourself Against Medicare Scams

Watch this video from the FTC to learn how.

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