How Plans Can Communicate

NCOA and MRC join forces for new FAQ.

New Tool Compares Costs

Consumers can see payment differences.

Improper Payment Rate Declines

Medicare FFS rate is lowest since 2010.

Telemed Doctor Shares Her Story

She explains her brush with Medicare fraud.

Clinic Owner Sentenced to 36 Months

She was ordered to pay over $2.7 million in restitution.

How to Avoid Medicare Scams

U.S. News article gives info and tips.

Twelve-state Vascular Centers Case Settled

Surgical procedures were performed regardless of need.

Cardiologist Sentenced to 42 Months

He implanted unnecessary pacemakers.

Hospice Nurse Expected to Plead Guilty

Scheme included hastening patients’ deaths.

Scammers Pose as Medicare

They try to obtain personal and financial info.

Ambulance Company Owner Charged

He instructed staff on how to write false reports

Government Intervenes in Eye Doctor Case

Lawsuit includes unnecessary cataract surgery, upcoding

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