FTC: Hang Up on Medicare Card Scams

Scammers typically reach out by phone.

Psychiatrist Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison and Big Restitution Ordered

Medicare fraud scheme involved false and fraudulent claims

New Medicare Cards are Being Issued

Here’s what you need to know.

DME Provider Lincare Pays $5.25 Million

Settlement resolves illegal price allegations

Social Security Issues Warning

Fraudulent communications target seniors.

Hospices, Hospice Fraud Increase

Patients also often do not receive proper care

Ambulance Owners, Managers Plead Guilty

Transports were not emergency, records falsified

Facebook SMP Spotlight: Workplace Culture

The Center highlights SMP projects' Facebook pages monthly

Sleep Study Clinic Owner Convicted

She concealed results from doctors and lied to patients

Stats Reveal Volunteerism

A quarter of Americans volunteer

Doctor Risked it all to Blow Whistle

He worked in secret to help build a federal case

Combating Medicare Fraud

Officials testify before Congress

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