Family Convicted of Conspiracy in Three States

They sold DME to people who did not need them

Couple Indicted for Health Care Fraud

Charge includes claims using false diagnoses

Florida Doctor Sentenced to 17 Years

Melgen stole $73 million from Medicare

Medical Device Scam Impacts Millions

Aggressive phone callers pressure people to take what they don’t need.

AG Warns of Pain Relief Cream Scams

It may seem like your lucky day when you’re called with a supposedly great offer. It’s not.

New Deadline to File for Settlement

February date for filing Western Union claims extended to May 31.

New Medicare Cards are Coming!

Know the facts so you don’t fall victim to fraud.

What’s New for Medicare Costs

Beneficiaries may have seen changes to Parts A, B, and D

Eye Clinic Owner Convicted

Excluded provider targeted seniors, disabled

Warning about the New Cards

Fraudsters try to rip off residents.

Justice Dept. Recovers $3.7 Billion

Vigorous pursuit of fraud prevents billions more in losses

Roundup of Physician Fraud

Behavior includes phony treatments, causing bodily harm

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