Nurse Convicted in $3.5 Million Scheme

He made beneficiaries appear sicker on paper

How to Avoid Medicare Scams

Fraudsters are taking advantage of the new card replacement program.

Facebook SMP Spotlight: Promoting SMP

The Center highlights SMP projects' Facebook pages monthly

New Medicare Card Scams Hit Nationwide

Learn tips to avoid them.

Former Health Care Exec Pleads Guilty

Scheme included overdosing hospice patients to hasten deaths

Doctor Charged with $240 Million Scheme

He allegedly gave chemo, toxic meds for false diagnoses

5 Ways Medicare Theft Affects You Directly

How scam artists steal from you

Doctor Indicted for Nonexistent Treatment

He allegedly used some of his patients’ names without their knowledge

Physical Therapy Business Owner Sentenced

She claimed routine foot care as wound care

Cardiologist Implanted Unnecessary Pacemakers

He told some patients who had nonfatal conditions they might die without one

Survey: LGBT Adults Concerned About Support

They are also concerned about quality of health care

Facebook SMP Spotlight: Volunteer Appreciation

The Center highlights SMP projects' Facebook pages monthly

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