Ambulance Company Owners, Workers Convicted

It’s one of the largest single Medicare ambulance fraud cases ever prosecuted by the Justice Department.

Telemarketing Owner Sentenced to Four Years

Ordered to pay $3.42 million in restitution.

Woman Pleads Guilty in Genetic Testing Scheme

Conspiracy involved bribes and kickbacks in exchange for ordering genetic tests.

Warnings Issued for COVID-19 Schemes

Law enforcement is on high alert for criminal activity.

Chiropractor, Practice Ordered to Pay $5 Million

Claims were submitted for noncovered services.

How Contact Tracing Works

WebMD explains what to expect, how to stop scammers.

U.S. Files Complaint Against Drug Company

It alleges money was funneled through copay foundations.

Feds Say Firm Used DNA from Elderly

Donors thought swabs would be used to detect chances of getting cancer.

Women Charged with Scheme at Nursing Homes

They allegedly used medical information to create fraudulent wound care supply orders.

‘Contact Tracers’ Capitalize on COVID Confusion

Take extra care when you receive an unsolicited communication.

Man Agrees to Plead Guilty to $109 Million Scheme

He allegedly submitted false and fraudulent claims for durable medical equipment.

Hospice Agrees to Pay $3.2 Million

Resolves allegations it knowingly submitted false claims for beneficiaries who didn’t quality.