Telemedicine Cases Rise During Pandemic

NBC News gives an inside look at Health Care Fraud Strike Forces in action.

Pharmacist Charged

Scheme billed insurance for medications not dispensed.

Nursing Home Resolves Allegations

Accusations include pressuring therapists and patients.

Patient Recruiter Pleads Guilty

He coached beneficiaries who did not need services.

People Report Medicare Card Scam

Medicare is not replacing paper cards with plastic ones.

Couple Targeted in Cardiac DNA Test Scam

They share a personal story that happens across the country.

Fourteen Arrested in $4.2 Million Hospice Scam

Many hospice enrollees allegedly were enrolled without their knowledge.

Diagnostic Testing Company Agrees to Resolve Claims

Tests were already covered by inpatient admissions.

Medicare Reimbursement Consultant Resolves Allegations

Patients were ineligible to receive glucometers.

Vascular Surgeon Pleads Guilty

He prepared inaccurate medical records to justify fraudulent billing.

Women Sentenced in DME Scheme

They helped manufacture false claims costing millions.

Beneficiary Information Harvested for Telehealth Orders

Man sentenced to 15 years in federal prison.