Ambulance Company Settles Allegations

Many services did not meet Medicare requirements.

Psychiatrist Charged with Stealing from Medicare

Indictment includes billing for dead patients and the same patient at the same time in different places.

Senate Reveals Deceptive Marketing Practices

Report finds a substantial increase in marketing materials and tactics to trick seniors.

Former Pain Management Doctor Pleads Guilty

He required patients to submit to steroid injections, even when they caused more pain.

Beware of Misleading Medicare Marketing

Plans may make you think one plan is better for you than another.

Conviction in Schemes Targeting Elderly and Disabled

Company offered free food for the Medicare information of low-income elderly parishioners.

Doctor Pleads Guilty in $54 Million Scheme

Beneficiaries were targeted by telemarketing campaigns and at health fairs.

Pharmacist Convicted in Drug Diversion Scheme

Drugs were not dispensed to beneficiaries but were sold on the black market.

Nurse Practitioner Admits to $4.37 Million Fraud Scheme

He admitted to fraudulently submitting claims for in-person services and waiving copayments.

Be Aware of Misleading Marketing Tactics

Medicare Open Enrollment season is prime time for fraud.

Fraudsters Use Phones, Email to Con People

Once they have Medicare numbers, they’re on their way to identity theft.

Durable Medical Equipment Owner Sentenced

He contracted with marketers who placed ads that offered orthotic braces at no cost.