Marketing Company Owner Pleads Guilty

Beneficiaries were pressured to try expensive medications, regardless of need.

Medicare Cracks Down on Misleading Marketing Schemes

Advertisements must specify which plans they want older adults to join.

Rehab Hospital, Doctor Agree to Pay

Feds allege that the doctor often put improper pressure on patients.

Feds Announce Action in COVID-19 Fraud

Criminal charges brought against 18 defendants in nine federal districts.

Update: Business Owner Sentenced

Many fraudulent orders contained falsified provider electronic signatures.

Update: Doctors Sentenced in DME Scheme

They collectively billed Medicare over $31 million.

Home Health Care Company Owner Sentenced

He told employees to create “ghost notes” for patient files to make fraudulent claims appear legitimate.

Man Sentenced for His Role in Selling Fraudulent Doctors’ Orders

He created a website in which DME companies and others uploaded patient information.

 Hospice Owner Convicted

Many patients, alive and thriving years later, never knew they were on hospice.

Pharmacist Pleads Guilty to Scheme

He allegedly billed Medicare for fraudulent prescriptions in the names of real patients.

Update: Marketer Sentenced to Over Three Years

Trafficked information included beneficiary names, addresses, dates of birth, and Social Security and Medicare numbers.

Update: Nurse Practitioner Gets Seven Years

He admitted to fraudulently submitting claims for in-person services and waiving copayments.