Two Cases Highlight Overbilling

Doctors billed Medicare for more time than they spent with patients.

Spoofed Calls Meet their Match

New law makes robocalls easier to identify.

‘New Era’ of Fraud Emerges

Electronic health records may have flaws that endanger patients.

Doctor Used Foreign Drugs in Patients

He pled guilty to charges including health care fraud.

Lab Owner Charged in Genetic Testing Case

Feds say he and partners responsible for more than $127 million in claims.

Eye Doctor Charged with Health Care Fraud

Indictment says he fraudulently billed patients for surgeries not performed.

Three Found Guilty in Fraud Scheme

Company falsely told patients they had less than six months to live.

Beware of Open Enrollment Scams

Criminals step up their game this time of the year.

Medicare Fraud May Be Deadly

Study shows patients are more likely to be hospitalized, die after being treated by later-banned providers.

Back Brace Scammers Target People on Medicare

They fraudulently bill Medicare and use up people’s benefits.

Man Pleads Guilty in Case Involving Genetic Testing

He went door to door in scrubs offering free DNA screening for cancer and other diseases.

Genetic Testing Fraud: A Concerning Trend

Numerous reports say scammers are using “fear factor” messaging to vulnerable seniors.