Hospital Authority Pays More Than $430,000

It resolves allegations tied to genetic testing panels.

Fraud Alert: Nationwide Brace Scam

Fraud scheme involves orthotic braces and other medical equipment.

24 Charged, 130 DME Companies Affected, $1.2 Billion Lost

Scheme involved kickbacks, bribes by DME companies.

Protect Yourself Against Medicare Scams

Watch this video from the FTC to learn how.

Woman Sentenced for Fraud Case

“Seat warmers” answered phones in nearly empty offices.

Providers Plead Guilty to Fraudulent Billing Scheme

They unbundled to defraud health care insurers.

Upcoding Allegations Settled

Hospitals wrongly admitted patients and billed for expensive diagnoses.

Update: Ambulance Service Owner Sentenced

August 2018 story described nonemergency transports.

Genetic Testing Company Agrees to Pay $1.99 Million

It resolves allegations of submitting false claims for genetic test.

Physician Sentenced for False Billing

Part of the conspiracy involved falsification of patient encounter notes.

Officer Has a Tip for Seniors

She wants them to hang up on unsolicited callers.

Pharmacist Charged in $1.2 Million Fraud

Prosecutors say he charged for meds prescribed to dead people.