Scammers Pretend to be Contact Tracers

They’re trying to steal people’s identities, money, or both.

Man Pays the Price for Pizza, Goodies

He used parties at senior housing in a fraud scheme.

SMP Warns of COVID-19 Fraud

SMP has been receiving complaints of unsolicited callers using COVID-19 to prey on beneficiaries.

12 Tips to Avoid Fraud

A dozen federal officials offer advice to outsmart coronavirus scammers.

Six Tactics used by COVID-19 Scammers

They will stop at nothing to exploit the pandemic.

Defendants Sentenced in Ambulance Fraud Case

They have to pay almost $1 million in restitution.

Man Charged in Telemedicine Conspiracy

The financial total for the scheme is alleged to be more than $6 million.

Couple Indicted for Fraudulent Medical Care Scheme

One has been accused, separately, of false Alzheimer’s diagnoses.

Feds See Rising Number of COVID ‘Cures’

There are no FDA-approved cures, tests, or vaccines.

Medicare is Not Calling to Offer COVID-19 Kits

Scam artists are using the pandemic to try to steal Medicare numbers.

Woman Arrested for Roles in COVID-19, Cancer Genetic Testing

Complaint alleges she agreed to be paid kickbacks on a per-test basis for COVID-19 tests.

Man Pleads Guilty in Genetic Testing Case

He and others acquired DNA samples and Medicare information from hundreds.

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