Doctor Convicted in Device Adulteration Scheme

The $12 million scheme included repackaging single-use catheters.

‘Teledoctors’ Charged with Preying on Seniors

As telemedicine scams rise, feds crack an international scheme.

Pharmaceutical Company Targeting Elderly Admits Kickbacks

Feds say company instructed sales reps to provide false and misleading information.

Thirty Charged for Medically Unnecessary Services

Home health, prescription drugs, DME are among the areas cited.

Owner of Medical Marketing Company Convicted

Kickbacks made for DNA swabs from Medicare beneficiaries.

Play Self-defense Against Scams

Survey shows how people avoided scams.

Feds Crack Genetic Test Fraud

Scheme exploited seniors’ curiosity about genetic medicine.

Charges Brought Against 34 in Fraud Totaling $258 Million

Schemes billed for services, testing, and prescriptions not medically necessary or provided.

Guard Your Card

As Open Enrollment approaches, protect Medicare and yourself.

Genetic Testing Scam Exploits Cancer Fears

A CBS News investigation uncovers recruiters showing up at senior events.

CMS Announces New Enforcement Authorities to Reduce Criminal Behavior

First-of-its-kind action stops fraudsters before they get paid, a step in ending “pay and chase.”

Protect Yourself from Rip-offs

Avoid scams and fight back against surprise medical bills.

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