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Collapse Medicare FraudMedicare Fraud
Consequences to Beneficiaries
Dollars Lost to Fraud
Collapse Fraud SchemesFraud Schemes
Ambulance Fraud
Community Mental Health Fraud
Medical Identity Theft
Medicare Card Scam
Obamacare Scam
Medicare "Changes" Scam
Offers of Discount Plans and Cards
Marketing Guidelines
Equipment and Supplies Coverage Issues
Durable Medical Equipment Fraud
Wheelchair Scams
Home Health Care Fraud
Pain Management Clinics
Personal Care Services Fraud
Hospice Fraud
Marketing Guidelines for Medicare Parts C and D
Medicare Advantage/Managed Care Fraud
Skilled Nursing Facility Fraud
Prescription Drug Fraud
Drug Diversion Fraud/Pharmacy Fraud
Medical Identity Theft 2
Collapse NewsNews
Medicare Fraud Estimates
Concierge Care
A Tip of the Hat to SMP
ACL Reorganizes
Training Assessments are Online
Beneficiary Interview About How SMP Helped
Fraud Alert for People with Diabetes
Disability Sensitivity Video
2015: Year of Technology Fraud
Hack Attack in Health Insurance
Most Wanted List
Benefits Access
Reluctant to be Rude? Don’t Be.
Is “Free” Really Free?
How to Stop Fraud
Junk Mail May Be a Clue
Volunteer Driven to Help
Medicare Scams Spread
Fraud Cloaked as ‘Free’ Services
Changes to Two-Midnight Rule?
Sentenced to 45 Years
On the Front Lines
Redesigned MSN
Avoid Becoming a Victim
Enhanced Medicare Therapy Management Program
Time for Scams?
Look Out for Enrollment Fraud
How to Protect Yourself Against Common Medicare Scams
Medical Identity Toolkit
Charting Coverage
FTC Bans Cash Transfers
$256 Million for Drug and Genetic Testing, Kickbacks
Hundreds of millions say ‘Do Not Call’
Beware of Intimidating Medicare Scams
Do No Harm
Teen ‘Doctor’ Denies All Fraud Accusations
Medicare Imposters
Health Care Scams Activity
5 Ways to Become an Informed Medicare Consumer
BBB Scam Tracker
Beware of 'Disability Services' Phone Calls
World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15
8 Senior Financial Scams You Should Never Fall For
Jury Finds Doctor, Home Health Owners Guilty in $375 Million Scheme
Doctors Convicted in Hospice Scam
Tips to Avoid Being Scammed
Volunteers Needed for Senior Medicare Patrol
Health Care Fraud, Abuse Recoveries Up $1 Billion
Health Care Provider Sentenced to 10 Years
Largest Takedown in Strike Force History Announced
Scammed Again
Home Health Fraud
Individuals Charged in $1 Billion Scheme
Pharmacist Charged
Crimes Cause Patients to Die
Advanced Data Analysis Helps Nab Cheaters
10 Things You Can Do to Avoid Fraud
Psychologists Plead Guilty
Top Scams Targeting Seniors
Pill Mill Doctor Charged
Feds File False Claims Act Complaint
Don’t Mess with My Medicare
Providers Sentenced in $34 Million Scheme
Largest Settlement with Skilled Nursing Facility Chain Announced
How to Spot, Avoid Medicare Open Enrollment Scams
CMS Responds to Concerns about Seamless Conversion
Toolkit Shows Health Benefits of Volunteering
False Claims Act Settlement Reached
Charity is Front for Genetic Testing Scheme
What To Do After Medicare Open Enrollment
Ambulance Company Owners Convicted in Conspiracy
Unlicensed Doctor Pleads Guilty
Grandma Rips Off Medicare, Skips Town
New Nursing Home Rules Announced
Neurosurgeon Sentenced for Role in Fraud Scheme
The New Medicare Cards
How to Guard Against Medicare Fraud
Phone Scam Warning
Two Convicted in Four-state, $25 Million Scam
Improper Billing Toolkit
Doctor Agrees to Pay More Than $18 Million to Settle Suit
Texas DME Supplier Sentenced 27 Years
Fraud Alert
May is Older Americans Month
16 Charged in $60 Million Hospice Scheme
Chiropractor Indicted for Fraud
Detroit-area Physician Pleads Guilty
Nursing Home Operator Agrees to Pay
Dermatologist Pays to Resolve Allegations
New Medicare Cards Mean New Scams
DOJ Files Lawsuit Against MA Plan Provider
Physician Convicted in $17 Million Health Care Fraud
New Medicare Cards Are on the Way
Facebook SMP Spotlight: California
New Medicare Card Scam
Big Data Cuts Massive Fraud
FTC Cracks Down on Robocallers
How a Mother and Daughter Stole $20 Million from Medicare
Podiatrist Sentenced for Medicare Fraud
Psychiatrist Finally Meets His Match
Facebook SMP Spotlight: Pennsylvania
Largest Health Care Fraud Takedown in History
Companies Resolve False Rehab, Hospice Claims
Owners of Psych Services Companies Sentenced in $25 Million Scheme
Medicare Card Messaging
Facebook SMP Spotlight: Iowa
Couple Who Stole Patient Info Sentenced
Doctor Sentenced in Hospice Fraud
Man Charged with Fraud, Identity Theft
Insurance Agent Charged with Stealing from Clients
Guard Your Card Video
Protect Medicare by Protecting Your Medicare Number
Facebook SMP Spotlight: New York
Health Care CEO Gets One Year for Fraud
CMS Reveals New Card Design
Facebook SMP Spotlight: Kentucky
Protect Against Medical Identity Theft
U.S. Drops Lawsuit Against MA Plan Provider
The Distance Problem
Native American Issue Briefing
Facebook SMP Spotlight: Illinois
Man Sentenced for Health Care Fraud Scheme
Beware of Scammers
FTC: Avoid Open Enrollment Scams
Woman Convicted for Medicare Kickbacks
FTC: Western Union Pays
Top Five Provider Fraud Activities
Facebook SMP Spotlight: North Dakota
Heart Center Pays $1.2 Million
Doctor Bills for Tests, Ignores Results
Rising Medicare Scams
Top 10 Scams
Pair Indicted for False, Fraudulent Claims
Illinois Home Health Rife with Fraud
Woman Pleads Guilty to Fraud
Roundup of Physician Fraud
Justice Dept. Recovers $3.7 Billion
Facebook SMP Spotlight: Indiana
Warning about the New Cards
Eye Clinic Owner Convicted
Facebook SMP Spotlight: Mississippi
What’s New for Medicare Costs
New Medicare Cards are Coming!
New Deadline to File for Settlement
AG Warns of Pain Relief Cream Scams
Medical Device Scam Impacts Millions
Facebook SMP Spotlight: Texas
Florida Doctor Sentenced to 17 Years
Couple Indicted for Health Care Fraud
Family Convicted of Conspiracy in Three States
New Medicare Cards Coming Soon
Be Prepared for New Medicare Cards
May Older Americans Month Materials Available
Pain Management Physician Sentenced
Man Indicted for Role in Fraud that Deceived Seniors
Consumer Reports Weighs in on the New Cards
Facebook SMP Spotlight: Partnership
Be an Inspiring Leader
Survey Finds Beneficiaries at Risk
Government Recoups $2.6 Billion for Taxpayers
Facebook SMP Spotlight: Volunteer Appreciation
Survey: LGBT Adults Concerned About Support
Cardiologist Implanted Unnecessary Pacemakers
Physical Therapy Business Owner Sentenced
Doctor Indicted for Nonexistent Treatment
5 Ways Medicare Theft Affects You Directly
Doctor Charged with $240 Million Scheme
New Medicare Card Scam Gets Scary
Former Health Care Exec Pleads Guilty
New Medicare Card Scams Hit Nationwide
Facebook SMP Spotlight: Promoting SMP
How to Avoid Medicare Scams
Nurse Convicted in $3.5 Million Scheme
Man Sentenced to 84 Months for Fraud
2018 OIG Report Released
Facebook SMP Spotlight: Hard-to-reach
OIG Puts Pressure on Hospice Fraud
National Health Care Fraud Takedown Announced
Cardiologist Sentenced for Fraud, Obstruction
Woman Doesn’t Fall for Scam
Combating Medicare Fraud
Doctor Risked it all to Blow Whistle
Stats Reveal Volunteerism
Sleep Study Clinic Owner Convicted
Facebook SMP Spotlight: Workplace Culture
Ambulance Owners, Managers Plead Guilty
Hospices, Hospice Fraud Increase
Social Security Issues Warning
DME Provider Lincare Pays $5.25 Million
New Medicare Cards are Being Issued
Psychiatrist Sentenced to 12 Years in Prison and Big Restitution Ordered
FTC: Hang Up on Medicare Card Scams
Man Sentenced for Fraud, Identity Theft
Doctor Convicted of False Billing Scheme
CMS Announces eMedicare
Feds Settle Huge Whistleblower Lawsuit
Hospital Chain Agrees to Pay Over $260 Million
Nurse Takes Pills from Patients
Government Intervenes in Eye Doctor Case
Ambulance Company Owner Charged
Scammers Pose as Medicare
Hospice Nurse Expected to Plead Guilty
Cardiologist Sentenced to 42 Months
Twelve-state Vascular Centers Case Settled
Collapse VideosVideos
"Free" Cookbook for Diabetics
A Medicare Crime Story
Conceptos Básicos del Fraude al Medicare
Don't be a Target of Healthcare Fraud: Joining the Good Guys
Don't be a Target of Healthcare Fraud: Recognizing the Bad Guys
Don't be a Target of Healthcare Fraud: Superheroes
Don't Mess with My Medicare
I’m an SMP Volunteer Because…
Medical Identity Theft
New Medicare Cards are Coming!
New Medicare Numbers - Don't Get Scammed
SMP Awareness Video
SMP Empowers Beneficiaries
Stop Health Care Fraud
Volunteers Needed
New Medicare Cards
Collapse You Can HelpYou Can Help
Collapse Become a VolunteerBecome a Volunteer
Volunteer Testimonials
Read Your Medicare Statements
Report Fraud
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